triple negative breast cancer fact sheet

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pink_bulletTriple negative breast cancer (TNBC) is one of many forms of breast cancer.

pink_bulletForms of breast cancer are generally diagnosed based on the presence or absence of three “receptors” known to fuel most breast cancer tumors: estrogen, progesterone and HER2-neu.

pink_bulletA diagnosis of TNBC means that the tumor in question is estrogenreceptor negative, progesterone-receptor negative and Her2-negative. In other words, triple negative breast cancer tumors do not exhibit any of the three known receptors.

pink_bulletReceptor-targeting therapies have fueled tremendous recent advances in the fight against breast cancer. Unfortunately, there is no such targeted therapy for triple negative breast cancer.

pink_bulletTNBC tends to be more aggressive, more likely to recur, and more difficult to treat because there is no targeted treatment.

pink_bulletTNBC disproportionately strikes younger women, women of African, Latina or Caribbean descent, and those with BRCA1 mutations.

pink_bulletApproximately every half hour, another woman in the US is diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.

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About the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (TNBCF)

Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (TNBCF) was founded in 2006 in honor of Nancy Block-Zenna, who was diagnosed at the young age of 35 with triple negative breast cancer before succumbing to the disease in 2007. In response to Nancy’s diagnosis, her friends identified a dire need to create a central source of information for this dangerous and aggressive form of breast cancer, about which little was known just a short time ago. It is the Foundation’s mission to raise awareness of triple negative breast cancer and to support scientists and researchers in their effort to determine the disease’s definitive causes, so that effective detection, diagnosis, prevention and treatment can be pursued and achieved. TNBCF supports the triple negative breast cancer community in many ways:

pink_bulletWe host regular “think tanks” which are attended by the top doctors and researchers in the field, to create roadmaps for a cure for triple negative breast cancer.

pink_bulletWe offer research grant support to encourage the launch of projects aimed at finding targeted treatments for triple negative disease.

pink_bulletWe co-sponsor a $6.4 million Promise Grant with Susan G. Komen for the Cure, which is aimed at finding targeted therapy for triple negative disease.

pink_bulletWe offer a financial assistance program to help women with triple negative breast cancer afford transportation, child care and other expenses associated with their treatment.

pink_bulletWe continuously expand our website,, and offer an ever-growing resources section and up-to-the-minute information about the disease.