learn about triple negative breast cancer day: frequently asked questions

What is Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day?

3.3.15 is the third Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day — a national day of awareness and grassroots fundraising events to help eradicate triple negative breast cancers and assist those impacted by the disease. It’s a serious day, but the tone is positive as we celebrate all those who join our efforts in tackling the next frontier in breast cancer.

While significant progress has been made in breast cancer research, there is shockingly little known about triple negative cancers, even though they impact up to 1 in 5 women diagnosed with breast cancer. TNBC does not respond to any of the known receptor targeted treatments — meaning that many of the advances in breast cancer treatment do not work for women diagnosed with TNBC.

Who is getting involved?

We have patients, families, friends, co-workers, neighbors, kids, medical professionals — and inspiring TNBC survivors. There are other breast cancer organizations, nonprofits, and corporate champions — all playing a role. Everyone needs to be involved, so please help us spread the word!

How do I get involved?

We are asking you – our community and supporters — to plan or join fundraisers and awareness events across the globe taking place on — or leading up to 3.3.15. Events of all sizes and types are welcome! You don’t need to be a professional fundraiser. The most successful events tie into something that you love: from walking to yoga or lattes to cupcakes. Do what you love and your friends, family and community will follow! The most successful events tend to be the simplest.

What kind of events are people organizing?

There’s no limit! Last year we had yoga classes, roller skating events, walks, pink lemonade stands, mani-pedi parties, doctor talks and more. People are launching events for things they love doing. Some people are choosing to support TNBC Day by raising awareness rather than hosting a fundraising event. You will find awareness raising ideas on our website. Again, the day is yours to plan as you see fit. You know best how to engage your friends, family, neighbors and associates.

Are there any restrictions that I should be aware of?

Yes. Any event that involves risk or incorporates alcohol will require liability insurance at your expense and may also require the participants to sign waivers of liability. If possible, consider eliminating these from your event to make planning easier and avoid added costs. Should you have an idea that may involve risk, we can discuss alternatives or advise you on required insurance.

I’ve never hosted an event before. I’m not sure I could do this.

Many of our previous hosts had the same initial thought and they all did a great job! Do something you’re comfortable with and you’ll succeed. You don’t need to be a pro; just be yourself and we will support you along the way. You’ll be amazed at the response you get! tnbc day – frequently asked questions

Ok, I want to hold an event! What next?

Great! We’re excited to add you as a host and we’ll do everything we can to assist you. Your first step is to visit Host an Event/ and carefully look over the event planning guidelines linked to that page. You can use one of the many event ideas listed there or create your own; the choice is yours. Select the button titled “register your event”. Enter all the required details and begin setting up your personal webpage. Registered events will be added to our interactive map so that supporters can find and donate to, or participate in your event.

Roxanne Martinez
Roxanne Martinez/TX
Mom, Social Media Whiz and TNBC survivor

“Being a TNBC Day Champion allows me to channel my energy into helping the TNBC Foundation increase awareness and raise funds for research to find targeted treatments for this devastating disease. Please join me in this fight!”

Should I have a financial or other goal in mind?

Goals are good so that you have something to aim for. The size of your goal really depends on the type of event you are hosting. Last year, the average event raised more than $3,100 — meaning some raised more and some raised less. Our goal this year is to triple the number of events, reach and revenue. If you held an event last year, you’ll want to use your experience and base to set a bigger goal. If you’re a new host, take a breath and reach for the stars, as it will surely result in you doing better than you ever thought possible. Just as the goal is to eradicate triple negative breast cancer, we know every step forward is a step towards that goal. For awareness raising events, try to reach as many people as you possibly can. Help us expand our reach with Facebook “likes” and email addresses. It’s critical to share the facts about triple negative breast cancer and the efforts of the TNBC Foundation.

How should I promote my event?

You’ll find lots of great tips and easy to implement ideas on our webpage located here. Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is the easiest and fastest way to invite your friends and family to support your efforts. When you post to Twitter, please use the hashtags: #TripleNegativeBreastCancerDay and/or #TNBCDay. For newspapers, television and radio, you can download a customizable press release and follow the quick tips on how to engage press.

How will TNBCF be communicating about Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day?

We will be getting the word out via public relations, social media, email and other promotional strategies. Please be sure to “Like” us on Facebook and encourage your friends, family and associates to do the same. TNBC is also active on Twitter and Pinterest. Plans call for outreach both broad and targeted and we need you to help us spread the word.

Can I designate the gifts from my event?

All funds raised from events for Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day will go to the general fund to support the overall mission of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

Please support our corporate champion. Their generosity and leadership moves us forward and makes TNBC Day possible.