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2011 Peace, Love, and a Cure

In May of 2007, Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation held its first Peace, Love and a Cure event. At that event, our Honorary Founder, Nancy Block-Zenna thanked guests with these heartfelt words:

"I never could have imagined the tremendous outpouring of love and support that has come my way since my diagnosis. Genuine concern, deep compassion and help of every kind came from countless friends and family. Even more, I am amazed by the kindness and generosity of people I barely knew. People who could easily have turned the other way, instead stepped forward and offered their help. I am so thankful to be a part of this wonderful community. I want you all to know that your support has strengthened me, lifted my spirits and given me hope. For that I cannot thank you enough."

Since that time, the Foundation has continued to grow and expand its horizons beyond the Bergen County community to reach thousands of women just like Nancy, across the US and around the world. Our mission to support research and promote awareness of triple negative breast cancer is being realized every day. Click here to read how the funds raised through your support of our "Peace, Love and a Cure" event help the TNBC Foundation support important and impactful programs directed at our TNBC community.

Our 4th Annual Peace, Love and a Cure event has taken this growth to heart and is being presented with the theme of "Local Action/Global Solutions". The dedication of countless supporters has enabled our once local organization to have international reach.

Nancy would be so proud of what we have all created. Thank you for helping us to attain our goals and, ultimately, to find a cure for triple negative breast cancer.